Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Cheapest Calories Make You the Fattest: "The first generation of GMO products offered the consumer nothing. The food was not cheaper, and it was still grown with pesticides--and in some cases required even more pesticides. In the late 1990s, the companies told me about this second generation of products that was going to provide superior nutrition. Where are they?

We still have the same crops that were rolled out in 1996. It suggests that either the capital to do research and development is drying up, or they've found it's harder than they thought to make these more complex products work. Either way, the industry is on the ropes. I don't think in ten years we'll be talking about GMOs. I can easily see the industry withering away."

Good news from a "food-chain journalist".

Monday, August 16, 2004

STLtoday - News - Maplewood mall will cover toxic ground: "Past rules were too strict, he said. For example, a hardware store owner couldn't buy a vacant lot next door because he couldn't afford to clean up the groundwater to drinking-water standards. 'It doesn't make sense,' he said. 'No one will ever use it for drinking water.' "

Oh that's nice. I'm not going to drink the groundwater NOW, so let's just pave over it and forget there was ever any problem here.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Yahoo! News - Late Cooking Diva Julia Child Loved Red Meat, Gin
Please pardon the cliche, but she seemed to have truly lived "a full life". Jacques Pepin said "She was a true person. There was nothing fake about her." From what I could see on the screen I would have to agree that was a large part of her appeal to myself and millions of "foodies" around the country if not the world. I may have to invest in the dvd of her last series with Pepin. It was just a pleasure watching those two banter and argue about the best way to cook whatever it was they were cooking. I will miss her.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bush eyes Thomas as chief justice, book says:
"Whether he is elevated to chief justice 'all depends on [President] Bush being re-elected,' Foskett said."

I think we all know what needs to be done here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Over the phone, Peterson promised Frey a future together
"Frey later described the couple's second date, a hiking trip on Dec. 2, 2002. Peterson, she said, showed up at her Fresno home with an amaryllis plant and a bag of groceries with which he planned to make her seafood lasagna for dinner. Frey testified that they picked up Frey's daughter, Ayianna, from school and then hiked at a nearby lake. Afterward, they sat in the back of Peterson's pickup and watched for the first star, before returning to Frey's home to cook dinner. "

He may have murdered his pregnant wife and dumped her body in San Francisco Bay, but he sure knows how to play the dating game! Seafood lasagna. First star. Who could resist?
Manchurian Candidate, The (2004)Saw this last night. Remind me to steer clear of Jonathan Demme films in the future. The acting was very good, particularly Streep of course, but it seemed to me that Demme copped out at the end. Perhaps there is an alternate ending we will be able to see on the DVD but as it stands it negates the previous 2 hours.