Friday, September 16, 2005

The New York Review of Books: The Body Hunters: "Yet the story is based on the premise that a pharmaceutical company would be so threatened by disclosures of its activities that it would have someone killed. That is what is fantasy. In fact, many of the practices that so horrified le Carre's heroine are fairly standard and generally well known and accepted. They seldom provoke outrage, let alone murder. A company like KDH would not kill someone like Tessa even if it were willing to do so; it wouldn't have to. Her concerns would have seemed isolated and futile, and the companies would hardly have taken notice of them."

And this is what is so frustrating today. It just seems like 20 years ago or so if a journalist could find someone to blow the whistle and tell the truth he could almost bring down a government. Today, not so much. We have whistleblower after whistleblower on every issue under the sun from the Iraq War to Pentagon corruption to the travesty of Katrina to all sorts of corporate scandals one seemingly more unbelievable than the next. All the evidence is there. All the evidence has been published in mainstream newspapers, magazines you name it.

And no one seems to give a shit.

Roberts will be appointed without even a QUESTION about his failure to recuse himself from the Salim Ahmed Hamdan case. Rove is still employed by the White House and his outing of Valerie Plame is forgotten. Bolton is destroying the UN and wreaking havoc with our allies and no one does a thing. Billions are going unaccounted for in Iraq and also in the USA thanks to the Pentagon's refusal to use basic accounting principles and nobody forcing them to do so. Drug companies and oil companies continue to gouge the system without recourse.

And who are you going to turn to for help? The Democrats? Please. They are in this up to their eyeballs. Forget them. There is no one. Do you ever talk to your fellow citizens on the plane or bus or at the ballgame? It is frightening. It's like listening to Bill O'Reilly. No, this is all over.

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