Friday, September 25, 2009

Is cropping a photo lying?:
"This is hardly photo fakery. Crops aren't lies. Full-frame photos aren't the truth. Kennerley himself could have easily taken that exact picture in the moment."

But he didn't take the picture Newsweek wanted. And THAT is why it is wrong to crop the picture. Newsweek wanted to portray Cheney in a particular light and the photo submitted did not do that. Why didn't Newsweek just commission an artist to create a comic of Cheney butchering meat? Because they wanted to lie to people using a "real" photo of him doing just that.

Secondly, Jason, you can't say the original photo is a lie in order to defend the crop as NOT a lie. If the source is a lie, how can the crop be the truth?

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Natasha said...

All photos used in media, regardless who they are of, are meant simply to elicit a particular emotional other words, media manipulation or visual brainwashing. Isn't is so nice that most humans respond first and foremost to visual stimulation and images are easily sealed into the brain?! This is where Rush missed the boat in my estimate with his talk radio. Therefore, we are taught at an early age and all through life what to prefer or better put, "We learn to prefer." Awareness is the key. Feel free to crop me. Natasha