Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to use, abuse, and leave Facebook Groups:
"There have been a number of criticisms since Facebook's original announcement about the Groups feature, the most prominent being that anyone can add you to any group, with or without your permission. You would likely find out about this by suddenly getting an influx of e-mail notifications about group activities, or watching the little badge at the top of your Facebook page constantly light up with new updates."

I tried out this supposedly new group thing and it hit me: Facebook is the new AOL. And they are going to be toast. And it is all because they do not care at all about the UI. Facebook is about maximizing the back end. That is where all their efforts and probably their best programmers are directed.

Either that or they are just plain incompetent.

They bill the "new" groups as a way for YOU to segregate your friends into groups that YOU want. But they didn't create a new feature, they just made making public groups easier. You could ALWAYS place your friends into different groups by creating lists of friends. And this was known only to you not your friends. These new groups go way beyond that. And try deleting the group once you create one. You have to remove each friend from the group then yourself and it magically "disappears" although that is questionable considering this is Facebook.

There is a HUGE window of opportunity for another player or two to step in with a user friendly social networking web app that actually works and is intuitive from a user standpoint.

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