Monday, September 10, 2012

The Living Daylights (1987)**
Apparently the world was not yet ready for a reboot of the franchise as Timothy Dalton was pilloried as he took over the role from Roger Moore. He's not bad, actually, but it's the entire production that is such a jarring change from the previous films. The sex and jokes are virtually non-existent, and the action/stunts are more realistic and less fantastic. Joe Don Baker stands out in a bad way as the required megalomaniacal villain, you'll cringe as you watch Bond make pals with the Afghan "mujahadeen" (present day Taliban), but mostly you'll be looking at your watch halfway through the 130 minute running time. Seriously, these Bond films would all be much better with a good 30-40 minutes trimmed. Spectacular stunt work near the end as Bond and adversary battle from just outside the cargo hold of a flight.

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