Monday, March 18, 2013

The Paper Chase (1973)***
Quality film, but seemed more meaningful and special on first viewing. Subsequent viewings reveal major weaknesses such as the female character not socking the wildly abusive law student in the jaw, and all the tension in Kingsfield's class is might get called on? Still, John Houseman is great as Kingsfield and Lindsay Wagner is fetching as his daughter. Another good time capsule of the early '70's.

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Natasha said...

Were you with a special someone the first time you watched it?; )--maybe she was especially hot!! Or perhaps where you were at in life then made the film a better if you were in college or recently graduated from college yourself.
It too much reminded me of the pressures of stats/math! lol.
Natasha ps I would have socked that guy hard and not let him move into my beach house!