Sunday, August 13, 2006

DREW SHARP: Martz commands attention by getting close to the action:
"Martz quaffs attention like it was ice water on a hot day. Although he's not the architect of this newest Lions' new direction, he knows he's the star. All eyes gravitated to the rudimentary initial elements of Martz's offensive scheme and his interaction with his players. And the actual head coach? Rod Marinelli happily hid himself within the masses on the sideline, adapting to his new life as a first-time head coach. He's perfectly comfortable with Martz dominating the spotlight. Those closest to the situation insist that Marinelli is devoid of all ego and that's a necessity when working with a megalomaniac like the self-anointed offensive wizard. Marinelli just wants to win."

Where does one begin with such an idiot like Drew Sharp? He is a perfect example of the absolute WORST type of sports "journalist", the know-it-all-who-never-played-anything. What a loser. And to take a guy like Mike Martz, one of the more successful men in his sport, and just skewer him with all sorts of vicious and unfounded attacks is nothing short of cowardice. Megalomaniac? Self-anointed? Where does this come from? Was Sharp denied an interview or two or something? Clearly this "man" has issues and needs that have not been met. And to say that Marinelli "just wants to win" implies that Martz doesn't care about winning as long as he gets the attention.

All this because he wants to coach from the sidelines during the game?

Then based on that reasoning, Charlie Weiss, ex-offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, is also a megalomaniac and self-anointed wizard who craves attention. Also dozens of other OC's around the league. Why can't these people just report on the game and leave the personal issues aside? Or maybe that would be too much work for them?

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