Sunday, August 20, 2006

U.S. Rice Supply Contaminated: "The variety, known as LLRICE 601, is endowed with bacterial DNA that makes rice plants resistant to a weedkiller made by the agricultural giant Aventis. Johanns said Bayer had not finished the process of getting LLRICE 601 approved for marketing before dropping the project years ago. But the company did complete the process for two other varieties of rice with the same gene. And although neither of those were marketed, he said, their approval offers reassurance that 601 is probably safe, too."

Probably safe? PROBABLY? This is the whole problem with GMO crops. NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE! And this is just the stuff we KNOW about. How many other test alterations have passed into the general supply? Bayer dropped this particular variety 5 years ago. I wonder why? Do you think it's worth looking into? We're only talking about our FOOD SUPPLY.

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