Monday, January 03, 2011

Busch IV talks about death of girlfriend, his depression:
"On the day before Martin died, Busch said, he took Adrienne Martin 'for her first and her last helicopter ride.' The ride on Dec. 18 was 'just for fun because she had never been in a helicopter before. I just bought a helicopter because I'm going to start flying helicopters again.'
The relationship with Martin was so strong, he said, that it led him to change his playboy ways. 'She was the only girl I've ever been with that I didn't want to have someone on the side,' Busch said. 'You know, I'm this notorious bachelor who always wanted someone on the side, but I didn't with Adrienne.'
He said five of his eight dogs routinely slept in the same bed with him and Martin. The five are Shih Tzus, the smallest of the gaggle of pooches. Since Martin's death, Busch has encouraged all eight of the dogs to sleep on her side of the bed.
On Dec. 30, the day of Martin's funeral, Busch said he 'couldn't get out of bed.'"

The dude is just totally creepy.

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