Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NFL Playoffs: Chicago Bears; Jay Cutler not a likable player - ESPN:
"Is it his penchant for making things difficult?

Reporter (after a game): What happened on that first interception, Jay?

Cutler: I threw the ball.

Reporter: Right, but what did you see developing there? Take us through it.

Cutler (archly): It seemed like a good place to throw the ball.

Then there was this:

Reporter: When you were a kid, which quarterback did you look up to?

Cutler: Nobody.

Reporter: Nobody? You didn't look up to anybody?

Cutler: No.

If he's lying, it makes him a miscreant. If he's telling the truth, it makes him a miscreant.

'Deep, deep down, I think he's a really good guy,' Waddle says.

Maybe. But why do we have to look that deep?"

It seems every few months I make a vow to completely ignore sports "journalists" particularly those whose job it is to be "colorful", "opinionated" in their daily columns. Because they are almost to a man completely awful and bereft of insight. Then I notice something secondhand that is so egregious I have to say something about it. Gee thanks, Rick Reilly. So Cutler is a "miscreant", a person without moral scruples, because he did not idolize a quarterback as a youth? He's a miscreant because he wants a private life? He's a miscreant because he can't hide his utter disgust at the inane questions from reporters? I'll tell you, the true miscreants are individuals like Reilly who make a living leeching off professional athletes, demanding they adhere to some ridiculous standard so they can sit in judgment. "Why do we have to look that deep?" he asks with a straight face. Yikes.

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