Friday, September 06, 2013

The Social Life of Genes: Shaping Your Molecular Composition

“You can’t change your genes. But if we’re even half right about all this, you can change the way your genes behave—which is almost the same thing. By adjusting your environment you can adjust your gene activity. That’s what we’re doing as we move through life. We’re constantly trying to hunt down that sweet spot between too much challenge and too little.
“That’s a really important part of this: To an extent that immunologists and psychologists rarely appreciate, we are architects of our own experience. Your subjective experience carries more power than your objective situation. If you feel like you’re alone even when you’re in a room filled with the people closest to you, you’re going to have problems. If you feel like you’re well supported even though there’s nobody else in sight; if you carry relationships in your head; if you come at the world with a sense that people care about you, that you’re valuable, that you’re okay; then your body is going to act as if you’re okay—even if you’re wrong about all that.”

But what is the "you" that creates it's own experience?

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Natasha said...

Well that "you", the brain, certainly makes choices. "you" is accountable for the behavioral choices made...esp. when it hurts or breaks down others.
"My genes made me do it."
Fucking cop-out says Natasha. Pay the piper!