Thursday, September 26, 2013

Woody Allen on Blue Jasmine: 'You see tantrums in adults all the time' | Film | The Guardian

"'Ninety-nine per cent of decisions are predicated on feelings – instinctive, emotional, fears, conflicts, unresolved childhood problems. They're our dominant motivating factor, not reason or rationality or common sense. And that's why the world is in a terrible, terrible state. Human relations are hard and brutal and painful, and the world is in a dreadful state politically. And that's because feelings govern almost everything in every sphere.'"

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Natasha said...

Dear Buck
So why doesn't every accountant and fucking business major, as well as the rest, have to take "Social and Emotional Development" in college? One of my most valuable classes and only child development or psych majors folks take it to understand lifespan development.
On another note:
Also, why do people fucking home school denying their child the right to work with teachers and a class of kids to learn social and emotional to cope with fucking life in the safe classroom setting. I've never seen home-schooling used's a cop out lazy ass excuse for rote education so its "easier" on the parent who thinks they are a "qualified teacher"....what idiots! But that's right, I was only a "kindergarten teacher"--a babysitter as Brad and Eileen put it so eloquently with a laugh.
Social and Emotional Development...pretty important, even for Blue Jasmine.