Monday, November 04, 2013

Vietnam releases dengue-blocking mosquito - Yahoo News

"It's unclear why mosquitoes that transmit dengue do not naturally get Wolbachia, which is found in up to 70 percent of insects in the wild. But O'Neill doesn't believe that purposefully infecting mosquitoes will negatively impact ecosystems. He says the key to overcoming skepticism is to be transparent with research while providing independent risk analyses and publishing findings in high-caliber scientific journals.

"'I think, intuitively, it makes sense that it's unlikely to have a major consequence of introducing Wolbachia into one more species,'" O'Neill says, adding that none of his work is for profit. 'It's already in millions already.'"

They do all this science to figure out why mosquitoes are the transmitters of Dengue fever, yet when they come up with a solution they rely on INTUITION to claim it is safe? Sure it FEELS like it won't hurt anything, let's do it!

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Natasha said...

Data Driven Decision Making!
Nothing else fucking accepted.
Thank you.
Buck, if you could be king and I could be queen....just for one day! ; )