Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Director John Lee Hancock on 'Saving Mr. Banks': We Went for the Truth, Not the Facts - TheWrap

"When I was a producer on the movie “My Dog Skip” years ago, we compressed 10 years from Willie Morris’ book into one year, and we added some stories that felt like they could have happened to him. I asked him about the inconsistencies, and he said, 'John, there are the facts and then there is the truth. This is the truth.' I thought, OK, that’s a decent way to put it. Don’t worry about the little factual details. Get to the heart of it."

The use of the word "truth" in the interview really means "truth as I see it" which of course is not Truth at all. I don't have a problem with someone making a movie based on a true story if they change the names of all persons and places concerned. It is a fraud and a lie to present a film as historical fact which is what John Lee Hancock is doing no matter how comfortable he is with it. He should make Aaron Sorkin's next flick since they both seem to have the same attitude to reality.

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