Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bernie Bytes: Cardinals making changes:
"Of course NY shortstop Derek Jeter faked getting hit by a pitch in Wednesday night's Yankees @ Rays game. And why wouldn't he? It's Jeters job to get on base so naturally he'll try to sell it to the umpire. What, you don't think there's been low-level conniving and acting jobs during MLB baseball games for as long as MLB has been in existence? This is no different than a diving outfielder pretending that he made a catch when, in fact, the ball skimmed the ground before he gloved it. Or a catcher taking a close ball and sliding his glove back to the edge of the strike zone to "frame" a pitch for the ump in hopes of convincing him that the pitch was a strike. At no time has there been a middle infielder who has slapped a late tag on a runner and told the umpire, 'No, the man was safe. You called him out but I was late with the tag, so you need to change that call.' Baseball players look for an edge. They've alwas been actors."

Wrong, Bernie. What Jeter did was WRONG and you need to say it. There is a big difference between not correcting an ump's call and deliberately trying to deceive the ump. Stan Musial played an entire career without doing that and he was one of the top 5 players of all time. It's something called integrity and sportsmanship. Something you, Bernie, wouldn't know a fucking thing about.

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