Thursday, September 09, 2010

News Desk: State Secrets : The New Yorker:
"An eleven-judge panel sided, 6-5, with lawyers working for Obama’s Justice Department, which essentially claimed that protecting state secrets is more important than protecting human rights. Amazingly, the Justice Department argued successfully that the entire subject of “extraordinary rendition”—dispatching torture suspects to other countries to be interrogated harshly—was so sensitive that it had to be hidden from the American public, to the point of barring its victims from seeking redress in court. The court accepted this logic even though Hollywood has already released a high-profile movie about the subject—“Rendition,” starring Reese Witherspoon—and countless articles have been published about the controversial practice. Particularly troubling, the government was not merely intent on hiding sensitive facts in the case—such as agents’ names, or liaison countries’ identities—but, rather, on placing a legal shroud over the entire C.I.A. program."

Wow. This is a watershed case. This ruling is far more damaging to the idea of America than some idiot preacher burning Qur'ans. Let's see: the government can read your emails, all internet activity, all cellphone activity, place GPS tracking devices on your cars, have you taken from your home and tortured in Egypt, have you killed, pretty soon they will also decide not to pay you any retirement benefits that you have been contributing towards all your working life. Gee it's great to be an American!

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