Friday, June 10, 2005

LA Times: Memo on 9/11 Plotters Blocked: "The reason the CIA official, identified by the fictitious name 'John,' put a hold on the communique remains a mystery, the report said. It said the officials involved didn't recall the incident. Even when the author of the memo followed up a week later with an e-mail asking if it had been sent to the FBI, nothing was done.

"The memo was written by an FBI agent on assignment to the CIA's special Bin Laden unit. According to the report, rather than send his memo directly to the FBI, he sent it to the deputy chief of the CIA unit because only supervisors were authorized to send such memos to the FBI."

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish that FBI agent had done extensive follow up on that memo. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish he had taken it upon himself, when noone in the CIA would do it, to stop by his former office at the FBI and talk with his superiors about it. Maybe he could have gone to that mythical "grand jury" everyone says we can turn to when nobody in charge will listen.

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