Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pit bull attacks girl in her Santa Rosa yard / Third mauling in Bay Area in a month amid calls to crack down on the breed:"I don't put any blame on anyone except that damn dog," Whitaker said. "They are a wonderful family and just want their kids to have things. Unfortunately, they got the wrong dog."

Oops! Wrong dog? I'm sorry but I am fed up with these people. I don't want them to be fined. I want them to be mauled by somebody else's pit bull. I want them to understand. You can have OTHER FUCKING DOGS! Why would you get a pit bull? What is the reason? It's not that these animals attack people invading their space. They go looking for things to kill. They are bred for that. And all the tender loving care in the world cannot change that. The purpose of the breed is to kill. There is no reason to allow them as family pets.

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